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What is Singlet Oxygen?

Oxygen makes up about 20% percent of the air and is essential to life and various chemical reaction.
The oxygen molecule is a diradical, as its lowest electronic state is a triplet state in which two unpaired electrons are distributed in the two highest occupied degenerate orbitals.
Oxygen in the triplet state is not very reactive. However, excitation of the molecule will result in the rearrangement of the electron spins and the orbital occupancy to form two possible singlet electronic states, who are highly reactive.

How does the ZMedicAir technology produce singlet oxygen?

Our technology, that is patent-protected, provides a unique metal-based non-irradiative method for producing singlet oxygen-enriched atmosphere from atmospheric air.
The invention here is a metal honeycomb. Air flowing through the honeycomb result in the conversion of oxygen from its triplet ground state to the excited singlet state at relatively low yield.
To our knowledge, this is the first time free singlet oxygen has been shown to be produced due to interaction of flowing air with metals

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Oxygen- The Life Giving Molecule...

Oxygen is essential to life as it is directly involved in the production of energy required for all the body's functions. Energy in the body is produced in cellular breathing process where ATP is created.
ATP is the body's main energy currency, used to supply energy for many enzymatic processes within the cells, thus ensuring the continual function of the body and its maintenance. The more ATP is produced, the faster a tissue grows and heals, neuron communication is faster which leads to clearer and sharper mind, and the immune system reaction gets more robust and effective.
To ensure production of as much ATP as possible, a sufficient supply of oxygen to the cells needs to be maintained. Traditionally, oxygen therapy is done by breathing air with high oxygen concentration. Alternatively, breathing singlet oxygen-enriched atmospheric air has been shown to also be effective, without the need for expensive and dangerous oxygen tank.

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