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Treatment of COVID-19 Patients

At a time in which the entire world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, as it quickly spreads through the world's population, endangering the most vulnerable within it, the ZMedicAir device presents a ground breaking treatment to patients that are experiencing life threatening complications due to the inflammation of their lungs.

COVID-19 Complications

  • More and more reports show that the main cause of death in COVID-19 patients is lung tissue damage caused by the excessive inflammation reaction induced by the body's own immune system. Damage that has been shown to lead to further potentially deadly complications like pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis.

  • As a result, even if a patient survives, he is often left with permanent lung damage, which reduces the lungs' ability to to absorb oxygen. Oxygen without which the body cannot survive.

  • This explains why COVID-19 patients in severe condition are put on respirators, and, in extreme cases, the patients are put on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machine, which oxygenates the patient's blood outside of the body. Sadly, many of the patients whose condition is so severe as to require the mention drastic measures do not survive, and those that do are left with permanent lung damage.

  • Due to lack of effective medical treatment, this type of lung damage is progressive and irreversible. That is, up until now...

Patients Treated with the ZMedicAir Device

  • In the last few months (updates for November 12th, 2020), ZMedicAir machines have been provided to COVID-19 patients. The patients reported immediate improvement in their condition and swift recovery.

  • The rapper Nissim Black received the ZMedicAir device to treat his COVID-19 complications. Here is his account:

  • More audio accounts can be heard here (names were muted due to privacy concerns): 


Viral Induced"Cytokine Storm"

  • "cytokine Storm" is a term that has been coined to describe an exaggerated inflammatory cytokine response that is disproportionately high relative to the level of viral replication. Meaning cells of the immune systems react in a disproportionate level to the actual threat, causing damage to the healthy lung tissue. So, dampening of this immune response is required. And this one of the effects the ZMedicAir device has.

  • The sad reality is the what COVID-19 patients are experiencing now is not rare, and there are other viruses and respiratory pathogens that will cause similar complications due to the induction of a so-called "cytokine storm" that leads to excessive inflammation of the lungs and respiratory pathways. And all of them can be treated with the ZMedicAir. 

ZMedicAir Device COVID-19 Treatment

  • Our technology, that is patent-protected, provides a unique metal-based non-irradiative method for producing singlet oxygen-enriched atmosphere from regular atmospheric air. Low levels of Singlet oxygen have been shown to have several different beneficial effects.

  • In the context of the COVID-19 virus, the first beneficial effect is in the moderation of the inflammation.  It has been shown that exposure to singlet oxygen-enriched air, reduces the level of ROS (reactive oxygen species) produced by monocytes as part of their defense mechanism against virus infected cells, bacteria, and other harmful elements. Monocytes are white blood cells that are involved in the inflammatory reaction in the body. The high levels of ROS produced during an inflammatory reaction have been shown to cause excessive tissue damage. Therefore, the reduction of the ROS levels will mitigate said damage.

  • But this is not the only beneficial effect breathing singlet-oxygen air has. As we have mentioned above, the COVID-19 patients that survive, are often left with lung damage, damage that up until now, was believed to permanent and progressive. However, we have initial test results of about 15 COPD patients with lung damage due to different cause such as smoking, air pollution, genetics and so on. These patients were treated with the ZMedicAir device and have shown a significant improvement in their lungs' function (see our COPD section here). To the extent of our knowledge, this is the first non-invasive treatment to give such results. In addition, patients with severe pneumonia treated with our device have experienced rapid recovery with reduced symptoms. 

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