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ZMedicAir treatment

The real life benefits of singlet oxygen-enriched air.
The following patients accounts are representative cases of the various health benefits stemming from singlet-oxygen enriched air produced by the ZMedicAir device.

Anemia treatment

Significant rise in patients' hemoglobin shortly after starting treatment

  • An 86-89 years old man (the exact age is not known due to lack of record keeping in his birth country) has been medically treated for 5 years for dementia, heart problems and thyroid gland problems.

  • In addition, the patient suffered from severe anemia, with hemoglobin levels below 8 grams per deciliter.

  • The patient received the ZMedicAir device on April 2016. A subsequent blood test in June has shown a jump in the patient's hemoglobin to 10, and in January 2017, six months later, to 10.2, a level that the patient has not reached in 3 years. In addition, the patient's thyroid and kidney functions have also shown a distinct improvement.

Cancer patients treatment

Treating side effects of cancer treatments

  • A 50 years old terminal lymphoma patient, experienced various side effects due to cancer treatment: anemia, weakness, exhaustion, difficulty of breathing and depression.

  • The patient received the ZMedicAir device on February 2016, and about an hour after starting treatment, the patient resumed speaking after three days of silence due to depression. A few hours later the patient  reported feeling significantly more energetic and alert.

  • In the following blood test, the hemoglobin jumped from 11.2 to 12.6 grams per deciliter.

  • In addition, upon administration of the patient's cancer treatment, the immediate side effects the patient usually experienced (Nausea, vomiting, fatigue...) were dramatically reduced.

  • To date, a year after the beginning of the singlet oxygen treatment, the patient, the was considered terminal, is consistently improving.

Asthma treatment

Reducing asthma attacks and drug and steroid use

  • A 29 years old man, suffering from  a relatively mild case of asthma, the symptoms of which get worse with the change in seasons. In order to prevent or treat an attack, the patient required the use of his inhaler every evening.

  • The patient received the ZMedicAir device on February 2017. Immediately after starting to use the device, the patient experienced immediate relief, enabling him to cease his daily use of the inhaler.

  • In addition, the patient reported on improved sleep in him and his wife, who also has been exposed to the singlet oxygen enriched-air produced by the device.

Asthma treatment for children

Preventing asthma complications in children, that can have significant effect on their mental and physical development

  • A five years old child, suffering from asthma and peanut allergy. From the age of six months has been experiencing bouts of coughing and shortness of breath, as even a simple cold would often lead to hospitalization and treatment with systemic steroids. The patient's sleep is usually erratic due to his breathing difficulties.

  • The patient has been treated with the ZMedicAir device since April 2016. The child parents reported that with the device he is sleeping through the night without snoring. As a result, the use frequency of steroids and other asthma medicines has been significantly decreased.

COPD treatment

Drugless, natural healing of damaged lungs

  • After 20 years of heavy smoking, a 60 years old man suffers from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The patient experienced a significant reduction in lung function from 51% to 35% in a few years, which resulted in his inability to breath without pure oxygen, difficulty to shower due to the high humidity and the simplest physical exertion becoming almost impossible.

  • The patient received the ZMedicAir device, in March, 2017, and reported on experiencing immediate relief. Within days the patient didn't require pure oxygen for breathing anymore.

  • After two months of treatment, the patient's lung function rose to 58%, higher than it has been in years!

Shortness of breath relief

Alleviating shortness of breath in relatively healthy people

  • A 43 year old man experienced shortness of breath induced by dust alergy.  The man is generally of good health, but when exposed to large amounts of dust, his dust allergy causes his airways to contract, resulting in breathing difficulties,  wheezing, coughing and inability to sleep.

  • Breathing directly from the ZMedicAir device, within seconds the man felt relief so much so that he could breath normally following the short exposure and was able to sleep.

  • Following rigorous crossfit workout, a 35 year old man usually experiences shortness of breath due to the muscles craving oxygen following the physical exertion (In other people there is also the possibility of exercise-induced asthma). As a result the man usually feels light headed and weak and is forced to lie on the ground for about 5 minutes until he manages to "catch his breath". Using the ZMedicAir, the man's recovery time was much shorter (~3 minutes) and he felt more invigorated following the exposure to the singlet oxygen-enriched air.

Chronic cough treatment

Drug-less, natural treatment for chronic cough, that "conventional" medicine has no treatment for

  • A 77 year old woman suffered from a chronic cough for 3 years. The cough started as a dry cough, but with time it turned into a wet cough as infection developed in her lungs. As a result, the patient had severe breathing difficulties, she couldn't hold even a short conversation without coughing and wheezing, The patient refused to take drugs to treat her cough and eventually the chronic cough resulted in permanent damage to her lung airways. The patient also refused to use an oxygen tank.

  • In April, 2016, the patient received the ZMediaAir. Upon use the patient experienced immediate relief, especially at night. After several months of breathing the air produced by the patent several hours a day, the patient now rarely suffers from cough attacks, she maintain long conversations without coughing wheezing, and her general health is much improved. Whenever the patient does experience a rare cough attack, she turns on the ZMedicAir and feels immediate relief.

Increased libido

Increased energy in elderly people manifest itself in ALL aspects...

  • An 80 years old man, who has been naturally feeling a reduction in his libido, reported that upon breathing the activated air produced by the ZMedicAir he felt an increase in his libido, he has been able to achieve and maintain an erection for longer  enabling him to stop using viagra.

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