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Lice Infestation

Head lice infestation of humans are still very common all over the world, in third world countries as well as in developed ones.
In fact, it has been reported that up to 12 million infestations occur in the US alone every year.

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How Do Head Lice Spread?

Contrary to common belief, getting lice has nothing to do with poor hygiene.
Lice usually spread amongst children between the ages of 3 to 12, from whom the lice can further spread to older family members at home.
Lice can spread from direct head to head contact; the longer the hair, the easier it gets infested with lice. As a result, lice are more common in girls than in boys.
Lice can survive up to 24 hours off the head. This means that lice can also be contracted through sharing hats, combs, scarves, articles of clothing and so on.


So, what are head lice?

  • Head lice, also known as pediculus humanus capitis, are small, wingless flat insects, about 2 to 3 millimeters long, that live on the human scalp and feed on small amounts of blood.

  • Adult lice can lay about 150 eggs (also called 'nits') close to the scalp. The nits, which are attached strongly to the hair, hatch within 6-7 day.

  • The hatched lice nymph takes 10-14 day they until fully matures.

  • An adult lice lives for about 30 days.

How do you use the ZMedicAir active air generator?

The ZMediAir active air generator is used as an attachment to any ordinary hair blower at low temperatures: just turn it on and point it directly on the scalp all over the child’s head for several minutes. Make sure to specifically treat behind the ears and the nape of the neck.
It is recommended to repeat the treatment several times, to ensure the complete eradication of the lice.
Experiments have shown that directly blowing the activated air on the louse, causes its death within several minutes, depending on the maturity of the louse. The younger the louse, the quicker it will die.
The damage incurred to the lice by the singlet oxygen is nonspecific; meaning lice cannot develop resistance to the singlet oxygen produced by the ZMedicAir active air generator.
Nits, that prove a challenge to many of the anti-lice products, are easily destroyed activated air.

How are lice infestation currently treated?

Currently, lice infestations are treated chemically or physically.

  • The simplest physical treatments are using fine toothed comb or manual lice and nit picking, both of which require significant effort and are time consuming.

  • The chemicals used for lice treatments, pediculicides, are usually costly and often have various side effects, from skin irritation to nerve damage. In a addition, chemical lice treatments are messy, as the products often need to be applied for several hours at a time. In addition, as most of these chemicals don’t affect lice eggs (‘nits’), the treatment needs to be repeated to ensure complete eradication of the lice. 

  • This is even more problematic when the scalp of the child is inflamed and scratched, in which case the application of the chemicals will cause irritation and pain, often causing the child to strongly object and resist to the treatment.

  • Another big problem that has appeared all over the world since the 1980s is a dramatic drop in the efficacy of common pediculicides, due to their frequent use. Many pediculicides effect specific proteins essential to the function of the lice nervous system. A random mutation might cause a change in the target protein, making it no longer susceptible to the pediculicides, rendering it ineffective.

  • As these resistant lice are no longer affected by these pediculicides, requiring the use of harsher chemicals or a combination of different pediculicides.

What are the advantages of the ZMedicAir active air generator?

Quick treatment- Treating lice using ZMedicAir active air generator takes about 4-6 minutes a session depending on the length of the hair and density.

No direct contact with the scalp of the child- making it pleasant for the child, especially if the scalp is inflamed or damaged due to scratching.

Lice prevention- Once the lice has been eradicated, the ZMedicAir active air generator can be used routinely as an attachment on any common hair blower with the added value of prevention of future lice infestations.

Itch relief- An additional benefit reported by the children treated with the ZMedicAir active air generator is an immediate relief to the incessant itching sensation caused by the lice bites.

Treating scalp conditions- In addition to treating lice, the ZMedicAir active air generator is also beneficial for dandruff treatment, psoriasis and other scalp conditions.

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