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Are there any side effects to the use of ZMedicAir technology?

No side effects have been be detected or reported for our technology. The patent is based on metals that are commonly used in our day to day lives. In addition, the user does not come in direct contact with the patent, but only breathes the singlet oxygen-enriched air that it produces. The singlet oxygen is produced in low levels and doesn't accumulate in the surrounding atmosphere as it quickly relaxes back to its native triplet state.

Can my condition be treated with the ZMedicAir products?

Many conditions can be treated with our products: lung and respiratory conditions, energy deficiency, side effects of cancer treatments, alleviating depression and other mental conditions, skin and scalp conditions, and so on. Our research is still ongoing and the beneficial effects stemming from breathing singlet oxygen- enriched air appear to be limitless. For further information about specific conditions, please contact us here

How do COVID-19 patients benefit from the ZMedicAir?

Last update: 9/9/17- Orders for the first product, the Z8, will be accepted within a month. If you are interested in purchasing, please leave your contact details here, and you will be informed as soon as orders are accepted.

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